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We would like to encourage our community to come out and experience our Fresno Stampede AAU program.  We pride ourselves in having the BEST youth program in the state of California. We want to make all of our players "5 Tool Players."  We are committed in making each player better at dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork and defense, while making them better at making great basketball decisions and plays on the court.  Please become a part of our basketball program.

                                        AAU Program

AAU is for our most competitive basketball players in grades 3rd-8th.  We will have up to two teams per grade and all teams will be selected by players abilities.  Players must tryout and make  either the "A" or "B" team.  We are looking for the best athletes  at each school and players that are inspired to play in high school.  This is NOT a camp, therefore, the expectations and commitment level is much greater.  We provide a Fall and Spring Season. 



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