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"Home of the Broncos" PROGRAM PHILOSPHY


The Clovis North High School Boys Basketball Program philosophy is simple. We believe in doing the things that make you a winner. Some people want to win. We have to win. This type of attitude and sense of urgency develops the self-discipline and commitment it takes to be successful on and off the court. Our brand of basketball is fast paced and requires high intensity on offense and defense for 32 minutes. We pride our selves on hustle and toughness. It is our goal, as a coaching staff and as players, to be the hardest working program in the state. For a student athlete to be a part of our family, he will have to live up to high standards of attitude, effort, behavior, and academics. Each individual must give up the “me” for “we,” and must hold each other accountable to sustain a high level of hard and smart work. Our character is defined by what we do, and in this program when we win we are modest and give credit to our teammates. If we lose, we do it with dignity. When we are faced with adversity, our mental toughness and character will help us thrive in those situations. Our coaches will lead by example and our players will be ambassadors to our program, at home, in the classroom, and on the court. This program is not for everyone, and it is not going to be easy. We admit to demanding a high level of excellence, and the players in the program will need to buy in and be special enough to have a successful season. GOALS: TEACH, LEARN, AND EXECUTE OUR PROGRAM COVENANTS I. Our program will get our student/athletes to strive for excellence in the following areas everyday, at home, in the classroom, and on the basketball court: 1. DISCIPLINE 2. HUSTLE 3. TOUGHNESS 4. TOGETHERNESS 5. COMMITMENT 6. CHARACTER 7. PASSION II. Every student/basketball player will graduate from High School. III. Every student/basketball player will go on to college and continue their education. IV. Every student/basketball player will know and use the 7 program covenants

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