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Stampede Summer AAU for Freshman-JV-Varsity Levels


Freshman-JV-Varsity Level Summer AAU Tryouts

We have tryouts for Freshman, JV, and Varsity starting the week of May 2nd through May 5th.  With Badminton and Boys’ Volleyball in playoffs the schedule is going to be fluid based on how those teams do, so we could be changing times.  I do already have times posted on our calendar  You will be contacted by your coach to tell you which team your son made for summer basketball.  If your son is selected to a team, there will be a Mandatory Parent/Commitment Meeting on May 5th.  The time will be TBA, and we will do this via Zoom.  I will send out the link.  Payment will be due at this time.  If you need to make a payment plan, please contact Coach Amundsen


Practices and Weight Room are Included: 

Practice times and weight room times are already on our calendar at  on the CN High School Page Calendar

Practices at Clovis North High School Large Gym (LG), Small Gym (SG), Granite Ridge Gym (GR), and CN Weight Room (WR)


Tournament Dates:

June 3-5                 Clovis West & Clovis North Varsity 1 & 2, JV, and Freshman Tournament TBA

June 10-12             Varsity 1 will play at the Modesto Christian Tournament --Schedule CLICK HERE

June 11-12             Varsity 2, JV & Freshman will play at Clovis North -- Schedule Saturday CLICK HERE -- Sunday CLICK HERE

June 16-19             Varsity 1 will play at the Section 7 Team Camp in Arizona – 16th is a travel day only --- Schedule CLICK HERE

June 17-19             Varsity 2 will play at the Arroyo Grande Tournament in Pismo Beach --Schedule- CLICK HERE

June 17-18             JV & Freshman will play at Clovis East - Schedule - CLICK HERE

June 23-28             Varsity 1 & 2 will play at the Classic Tournament in Irvine area and will go to Disneyland on 27th --Schedule CLICK HERE

June 24-25             JV & Freshman will play at Buchanan ---Schedule CLICK HERE



We do take all the kids on our trips in school vans, and we supervise the kids.  Parents can go on the trips, if they want to, but you don’t have to go.  I will make hotel information available as we get it. 



We will wear our black and blue reversible STAMPEDE jerseys with the number on the back.  They were the uniforms that cost $100 and had to be pre-ordered.  I did order some extra but they won’t have your last name on the back.




Pay membership fee with your credit card online at  -you will need to know if your son is on Varsity 1 &2 or if he is on JV & Freshman – different fee structure.


Complete your contract and give us your contact information  

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